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What to do When Death has Occurred

Whether you received the phone call in the early hours or you were sitting bedside, when death occurs, you are immediately faced with important decision-making and responsibilities during a difficult time.  Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow is here to assist you with all the details 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Remember even simple decisions can be overwhelming and we are here to help you sort through all the details.

Making the first phone calls

One of the first calls to be made is to a licensed Funeral Director. Whether the individual died in a care facility or hospital setting, the staff will usually contact the funeral home you choose, and arrange for an autopsy, if necessary. The Funeral Director will help you:

• Transport the body
• Obtain a death certificate
• Select a casket, urn and/or grave marker
• Arrange the funeral, memorial and/or burial service
• Prepare and publish the obituary
• Help notify the deceased's employer, attorney, insurance company and banks
• Offer grief support
• Direct you to other resources specific to your needs

Notifying Others

Next, you will need to notify others so that sharing the news of the death is not all on you.  Below are a few details to inquire about when notifying others:

• Family and friends


• Employer of the deceased

   • Residual Pay and Benefits
   • Vacation and Sick Time
   • Disability Income
   • Employer sponsored Life Insurance Policy with Beneficiary and Claim information
   • Life insurance companies
   • Require a Certified Copy of the Death Certificate
   • Assignment forms
   • Beneficiary information and payout options
   • Claim forms, claimant’s statement
   • Outstanding Loans against the policy

• Banks

• Was the account jointly held with another person or POD – Payable on Death?
• If the account was not styled as jointly held or POD, each bank will require a Certified Copy of the Death Certificate and each may have specific policies regarding those funds held at their bank
• Evidence of your authority to act on behalf of the deceased in regards to the bank account

Social Security Administration

• Require a Certified Copy of the Death Certificate